Sudbury Climbing Club

Welcome to the Sudbury Climbing website.Devil Rock

The goal of this website is to:

– Gather and publish up to date information of the climbing within the Sudbury region
– To aid in the eternal search for climbing partners

With the often transient nature of climbers who visit the region (often students at the university) consistently finding climbing partners is a struggle. Summers that should be spent in a prolific climbing spree are often frustratingly spent barely touching any rock. Hopefully through this webpage we can provide a venue to ensure no sunny day is wasted and begin building a climbing community within the area.

All the information contained within is based on personal experience climbing in the area. Due to the sheer quantity of rock in the region there is definitely an abundance of unclimbed, undeveloped areas, and areas that are climbed that we don’t know about. If you know of any climbing areas in the region not listed please let us know.

The obvious location to meet climbers and get area beta is at ARC Climbing in town.  For info check out:

We’re slowly updating all the area info and hope to release a more comprehensive sudbury area climbing guide in a printable format.

Uploaded now is the Echo Crag guide: Echo Crag Guide

Check out the new Elliot Lake Area Rock Guide as well as the Mackynen East Bouldering Guide.